Jadran Domancic
I joined Adriatic Coaching team a little over a year and I was complete beginner. By following their training plan I became a competitive triathlete with few podiums on nacional championships. Now preparing for a pro debut and international races.
I am so confident with professional support I get and happy to be part of the team.

Igor Hržić
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
I’ve been working with Adriatic Coaching and Dejan, their head coach for quite some time now. did my first half-iron and several after that with his help. Dejan is very professional, accommodating, and always tries to go above of what is expected.

Olivia Jeffrey
I had terrific experience with Adriatic Coaching!
Dejan Patrčević goes above and beyond to make you as an athlete feel supported!
– Approachable coaching
– Proactive training system
– Constant communication
I would highly recommend Adriatic coaching, from beginners to world class athletes they can help you accomplish your goals.

Brižit Jagarinec
If you want to enjoy in training you are in the right place. Trainings are tailored to the individual needs, coaches are experienced and have their own methods and lead to the goal.

Mirsad Taletović
I am having diabetes. Thank you for being with me, for guiding me and for helping me with your professional advices on sports and health and leading me to the goals I set for myself together with diabetes. Your help and friendship are a strong wind in my back.

Jelena Milkovic
All praise and my sincere personal admiration for the expertise of my coach Dejan Patrčević and the entire Adriatic Coaching team who in a relatively short period of time prepared me for sport goals at the GRAWE Night Marathon. Not only running training, but also other tips related to nutrition and equipment, as well as other preparatory exercises motivated me to continue training. Thank you for everything, Dejan and good luck!

Robert Režek
Professional in business, through several months of working with coaches Dejan and Marin I managed to set personal records on various distances.

Mario Zagy
An excellent team of top coaches with an emphasis on an individual approach and the philosophy of “less is more”, which I have confirmed from my own experience through several completed Ironmans and Ironman distances. All praise and recommendations!

Igor Kiršić
How to indulge in a coach you don’t know, a coach who isn’t your neighbor, or an acquaintance, simply send an email inquiry and describe your goals. My experience with Adriatic Coaching is such that in the first year, where I competed in the prestigious trail race UTMB (170 km) in 2015, we achieved a good result. The idea, work and thinking of coach Dejan Patrcevic helped me achieve some other goals in the coming years, such as the Swiss Iron Trail (200 km) in 2016 and Swiss Peaks (170 km) in 2017. I recommend Adriatic Coaching to everyone!

Tomislav Mirković
It was a great pleasure for me to train according to the program of the Adriatic Coaching and coach Dejan Patrčević, with whose help I prepared for my first marathon. As a runner with some experience in racing, this program has significantly helped me train better and smarter and enjoy running even more. The phenomenal feeling is to run 42.2 km in great weather of a little over 4h. Congratulations to coach Dejan and the entire team! With the advice of coach Dejan, I changed my approach to training and running, but also diet, which raised my physical fitness to limits that I never thought it was possible to reach, especially not in a few months. Well done to the Adriatic Coaching team and I look forward to future races with Adriatic Coaching!

Dragan Stojkic
Naturally experience. If I had to put in one word Dejan’s attitude to sports and life, that would be a word, naturally. To listen to yourself both from the outside and the “inside”, to listen to nature and to connect with it, in every sense. I’m still learning. Actually, the results are the threads that make “Adriatic Coaching” the right address for anyone who decides to travel, to themselves, through sport. Bravo!

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Adriatic Coaching is the official coaching partner for Ironman 70.3 Slovenian Istria

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