Successful performance of Adriatic Coaching triathlon team at ZadraHalf triatlon by Falkensteiner Punta Skala

ZadarHalf race achived a top organization and never stronger names in the world of triathlon and Ironman in men’s competition. The best domestic competitors, led by the current national LD champion Andrej Vistica and national record holder in Ironman Dejan Patrcevic, and the international Ironman champions like David Plese gathered in Zadar. How strong the competition was is shown by the fact that last year’s winner of the race, the Austrian Michael Weiss (TOP10 Ironman Hawaii) finished third and the Croatian representative was not on the podium.

According to the head coach and organizer of the Official ZadarHalf Triathlon Camp Dejan Patrčević, the race was world-class and the efforts of the organizers to organize a complex event in difficult times, which consisted of two races in long distance triathlon, should be recognized.

Congratulations to all triathletes who finished the race and especially to the best placed from the Adriatic Coaching team – Jadran Domancic who won 6th place overall and successfully finished his first season as a professional triathlete!