Falkenstener Punta Skala Special Prices for Athletes durig the Adriatic Coaching Camp

Falkensteiner room for athletes

Camp participants are required to make their own booking at one of the Punta Skala Falkensteiner resort accommodation facilities, including Hotel & Spa Iadera, Family hotel Diadora, Premium Apartments Senia. Participants are eligible to use special discount prices and the booking should be arranged directly with the Punta Skala Falkensteiner resort by contacting Falkensteiner Croatia at croatia@falkensteiner.com and emphasizing that the request for booking is the Official Zadar Half Triathlon Training Camp by Adriatic Coaching.

Prices for accommodation in Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort are as follows:

Hotel 4 * Diadora – per person: 60 € full board, no half board or b&b possible, 30 € extra for a single room option
Hotel 5 * Iadera – per person: 85 € half board, 60 € bed and breakfast, 40 € extra for a single room option
Apartments 5 * Senia: app for 2pax 80 € (one bedroom), app for 4pax 120 € (two bedrooms).

Dining options at Diadora – per person: 10 € breakfast, 20 € half board, 25 € full board.
At least one person from the room / apartment must be a camp participant and children get a discount on accommodation at the Hotel Diadora (12-17g = 30%, 6-11g = 50%, 0-5g = free)