Top 10 Reasons to Give Up From Exercise

The limitations stem from the way we live, the profession we are engaged in, the sex, the age, and the places where we live. These TOP 10s most often adversely affect the sustainability of exercise continuity for recreationals.

1. Motivation
2. Lack of sport goal (idea)
3. Lack of time in the day
4. Chronic fatigue
5. Increased body weight
6. Injury of the discs on the spine
7. High Blood Pressure or Diabetes
8. Knee injury
9. Lack of sports grounds for exercising or lack of sports equipment
10. Absence of support from a family or employer

The top three positions on the ladder fall into “psychological constraints”, which often result from insufficient information, prejudice, insecurity and fear. Chronic fatigue is high on the list of constipation, often as a result of the stress period (with or without the diagnosed reduced function of the adrenal gland and the thyroid gland).

Pain in the back is often a limit for exercisers, among runners even more often than pain in the legs.

It should be noted that we are least limited by factors such as the proximity of sports halls and the possession of sports equipment, for which it has recently been held to motivate citizens to action.