Relax these muscles while exercising

Think about how you can be more economical while exercising. One way you can achieve this is to relax some muscles that are not necessary for the action you are doing.

These are our 4 areas of our body that we focus on.

JAW MUSCLES. One of these muscles is also the strongest muscle on the body and if we relax this area of ​​the body while running we can save energy for the long run.

PALM MUSCLES. By relaxing the muscles around the wrists and hands, we relax the muscles of the forearm. You will relax thus area by opening your fists. You can practice this injogging and then transfer the exercise to harder and faster runs.

FACE MUSCLES (SPACE BETWEEN EYEBROWS). Relax the facial muscles and the space between the eyebrows. The easiest way to achieve this is with a smile during exercise. In addition to saving energy, you become more positive and look better.

ABDOMINAL MUSCLES. This large group of muscles is an integral part of the functional “core” (35 different muscles). They are very popular but often overrated. Excessive spasm of these muscles can take up energy and prevent relaxed abdominal breathing and can lover economy of exercise.