Partner Races

These are the races we recommend in 2022 for your sports and recreational goals. If you are an Adriatic Coaching athlete, you can get discounts on registration fee.  For DISCOUNT CODE you will use at the registration process please contact
Wings for Life World Run Zadar
A relaxed format where you run as much as you want until you see catcher car.
Zadar Half
Be a part of one of the best organized triathlons in Croatia.
Very fast course on middle distance triathlon in the capital of Serbia
Challenge Budva
Compete in the world series Challenge Triathlon in Adriatic.
Zagrebački Noćni Cener 
Race 10 km in the center of Zagreb. To apply, contact
Keszthely 575 triathlon
The Hungarians are organizing the best half triathlon north of Croatia.
Great race for the TRI season closing on Middle and Olympic distance triathlon race.
B2B Run Croatia (Split, Osijek, Rijeka, Zagreb)
The biggest business race in Croatia.
Trumer triathlon
A top triathlon experience at the foot of the Alps near Salzburg.