Ironman for your 2019 sport goal

7.6 Billion People (2018)
4.6 Billion mobile users (2018)
1.4 Billion Registered Vehicles (2015)
700 000 Ironman Finisher (1978-2018)

Since the 1970s we have the list of people who became Ironman. Only 0.01% of planet population finished the ironman race.

One-day performance at 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of bike and 42.2 km of running is just the tip of the iceberg in the sea full of training and resignation, yet one of the 50,000 people today will train for this extraordinary sports goal.

Three top skills you need to finish Ironman:
– Ability of personal organization of time
– Patience
– Persistence

Three well-known Ironman at the choice of Adriatic Coaching:
Gordon Haller, Neil Armstrong in Ironman
– Marc Allen, Superhero in specialization
Frederik André Henrik Christian, His Majesty, as an example of active life.