How to train for an IRONMAN sports goal in 2023

We bring guidelines that can lead you to the perfect IRONMAN experience! Find yourself in these six and, based on your previous experience in triathlon, find out your ideal race and the framework of your Ironman training plan.

-Beginner with no triathlon experience
-Triathlete with experience in shorter triathlon disciplines lasting 1 to 3 hours
-Experienced Half Ironman (one completed half)
-Experienced Ironman (one completed Ironman)
-Very experienced Ironman (more than one completed Ironman)
-Ironman PRO

The length of the preparatory period on the basis of which we write the plans are:

12 months the shortest/ 18 months recommended
9 months the shortest/ 12 months recommended
6 months minimum/ 10 months recommended
5 months minimum/9 months recommended
4 months the shortest/9 months recommended
2 months minimum/6 months recommended

Weekly/Maximum training volumes per week (maximum is usually 5-8 weeks before Ironman)

5*/15 hours
7*/15 hours
7*/18 hours
10*/22 hours
12*/25 hours
20*/32 hours
*Applies to the first few weeks of training up to two months. For example, a beginner who starts his plan with 5 hours a week of training, reaches a peak load of 15 hours only after about 10 months of training. All plans foresee a short adjustment period before starting.

Your good race choice is:

1. Ironman Barcelona, Challenge Amsterdam, Podersdorf
2. Ironman Barcelona, Challenge Amsterdam, Podersdorf
3. Ironman Copenhagen, Ironman Italy
4. Ironman Austria, Challenge Roth, Ironman Tallinn
5. Ironman UK, Ironman France Nice
6. Ironman Hawaii

Before the Ironman goal, we set at least one long distance training and the more experienced/ambitious you are, the more they will be repeated (not necessarily one after the other) and amount to: 5 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 32 km running.

Don’t worry, the target plane in Ironman, at the 226th kilometer, is also reached by people with increased body weight, diabetes and other minor health problems, with an often visible improvement in their health status.

And while everyone can get the perfect IRONMAN experience, not every plan will allow you to! We cooperate with the World Ironman Organization and the training plan is sustainable in the long term because our goal is to reduce unnecessary health and financial risks and achieve more with less! We deliver and monitor the training program via a simple application compatible with Garmin, Strava and Intercom in four support depths.