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Perfect Squat for triathletes

10 November 2021

One of my favorite exercises is squat. It is a great combination of lower body and core strenghthening exercise. It is great for multisport athletes as it reduce overuse injuries. It should always be a part of an balanced triathlon training program but it is also great for everyone as it helps maintain function and integrity durng movement in daily life (work, hobby, gardening, etc).

I do every day 3 x Squat. Beginners can flex their knees until 90 degrees. Hold in the position for 1-5 sec (rest short). Later you can try to perform squat by reaching parallel.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about swimming

27 October 2021

Only a small percentage of the population is swimming regular throug the year. Awareness that swimming is healthy and fun, lack of time and fear of the water are just some of the reasons why millions of people around the planet do not swim.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about swimming!

1. Although swimming is often the first barrier for a beginner to finish the Ironman, the average time is 1 hour and 15 minutes (within 12 hours race) shows that swimming could be the easiest part of the Ironman.

2. Swimming is not a “privilege” of  swimmers. Today, there are swimming accessories, such as Lift Short (increase buoyancy and  body position in the water), a Kick Board, Paddles and even swimming watches and goggles that tell you how to swim and help you gain swimming sensibility in the water.

3. The ideal water temperature at which a person maintains the internal body temperature during long-term swimming is 27 C. This is the average water temperature in indoor pools intended for recreational and professional swimming.

4. Swimming does not require much flexibility and swimming itself is a kind of stretching exercise. Most people already have the flexibility needed to start swimming, but unfortunately also the problems with the hips, ankles, knees and spine that you guess – swimming can help!

5. Neoprene swimsuits allow children and adults to extend the swimming season in open water (16-23 C). In Dalmatia (Croatia), the season begins in April and end in Noveber, while in the northern part of the Adriatic (Kvarner) is up to two months shorter. Special swimming neoprenes (Thermal) are available on the market, which allow swimming in cold waters at a temperature of 8,5 C to 16 C.

Relax these muscles while exercising

17 October 2021

Think about how you can be more economical while exercising. One way you can achieve this is to relax some muscles that are not necessary for the action you are doing.

These are our 4 areas of our body that we focus on.

JAW MUSCLES. One of these muscles is also the strongest muscle on the body and if we relax this area of ​​the body while running we can save energy for the long run.

PALM MUSCLES. By relaxing the muscles around the wrists and hands, we relax the muscles of the forearm. You will relax thus area by opening your fists. You can practice this injogging and then transfer the exercise to harder and faster runs.

FACE MUSCLES (SPACE BETWEEN EYEBROWS). Relax the facial muscles and the space between the eyebrows. The easiest way to achieve this is with a smile during exercise. In addition to saving energy, you become more positive and look better.

ABDOMINAL MUSCLES. This large group of muscles is an integral part of the functional “core” (35 different muscles). They are very popular but often overrated. Excessive spasm of these muscles can take up energy and prevent relaxed abdominal breathing and can lover economy of exercise.

My Wings for Life

28 April 2021

As experienced in 8+ hour races, at the beginning of 2014 I received an offer to be the director of the pilot project of the Croatian race Wings for Life World Run. Since I was still an Ironman PRO at the time, so i chose the promotion function that I still do today, eight years later.

These are my five details from “Wings” that you probably didn’t know about.

The format of the race was 100 kilometers and we were thinking about refreshments after Šibenik, almost 90 kilometers away from the start in Zadar. Every year after that, the race was supposed to go to another city and this was the most demanding “run project” in Croatia at that time.

In 2015, I wanted to win the race so badly that I had to give up due to exhaustion and dehydration. It was a big defeat for me, because I ran for my sick dad who always wanted me to win. That same year, I finished my IRONMAN PRO career with eighth place at Ironman Austria. After the race, due to fatigue, i I couldn’t join in RTL Direct studio with Zoran Šprajc. I am very sorry today to miss the opportunity to share my last Ironman race thoughts with public.

The coldest, but for me the most beautiful press meeting, was held in the precious church of St. Donat in Zadar, where the international director of the race Colin Jackson was also present. The temperature in the room was barely 12 C, but we were warmed by enthusiasm and positivity. Already in 2014, the project had over 3,000 applicants.

On the morning of the Wings for Life World Run in Zadar 2016 (the year I won the Zadar edition of Wings) I ate three boiled eggs instead my usual prerace oatmeal. I started the race far behind, which was perfectly fine, since I had no pretension to the first place :). Rest ist History!

In 2020, due to pandemic, we ran through the app. I ran “solo” in the UNESCO-protected Ager in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar. I lay in the field most of the time picking lavender and it was only here and there that the harmony and serene silence of the “lockdown” would be interrupted by the voice from the application – “… you are amazing, keep going …”.

This 2021, I will run in my city of Samobor with my fellow citizens. Run with us for those who can’t – sign up today at

3 tips for Indoor Running for Beginners

29 January 2021

Garage or Outdoor- your body doesn’t feel the different, but you should. Make sure you watch on these three things.

1. Run shorter distances but more often.

Start like a task or commitment. 20 minutes 2-3 times per week run and progressive it up to 10 minutes every 10 days. Once you reach 2-3 times 60 minutes you should set up new goals.

2. Focus on body posture and running cadence.

Proper running form begins with good posture. The center of the hips, trunk and head should all be in alignment—although not necessarily completely vertical.

Most beginning runners tend to run with a cadence of 80 strides—or 160 steps—per minute or less. Faster, more-accomplished runners tend to have cadences of around 90 to 95. Good running form and optimal cadence can allow runners to run longer and faster with less effort.

3. Make it feel easy.

In general terms, when somebody’s starting out the season, you start them with obviously very little if any intensity. Build their aerobic base, which means having them runningat effort levels that are not really strenuous.

5 min stretching for triathletes

10 December 2020

The key to success in triathlon lies in long-term sustainable training.  In lack of time, many triathletes (especially age groups) don’t have some particular stretching routine and when they do this, it happens simultaneously and very often excessively. Muscles become tight and shorted and we are “playing at the edge” of keeping or stopping a training program.

Triathletes need some dose of stretching routine.

Stretching can help us  to better understand overall body stress condition and can help us recover faster.

Triathlete stretching program is good to be:

simple and short  (workable without other assistance and tools at home, work, holiday, travel)
-focused on lower body (lower body stress syndrome is common among triathletes)


One circle of stretching exercises that will trigger mostly on you lower body and core (ITB band, the lower back, the gluteus, the hamstrings and calves…)

You can work on it any time, best after the workout.

Vary the number of repetition, the time you stay in each position but be aware that big muscles as Quadriceps and glutes need more tome (more than 30”) to stretch efficiently.

Here is semple of stretching exercises for triathlete that you can do in just 5 min.

1-starting with lower back stretch.

2-flow to cobra (on the way stretch your back),

3-push back to bridge and stretch your leg muscles- particularly hamstrings, glutes and calves,

4-right leg step front and move the pelvis forward- stretch the hip flexors,

5-band the leg, raise your hand and stretch psoas muscles and quadriceps,

6-go to “stand up position“ and try to catch high and repeat everything on the opposite leg.

You can use pilates band if you whant to work more on you shulders and leg stretching.

Open water swimming was never so popular

3 December 2020

We just love open water swimming and Coronavirus exploded everything around this beautiful sport- more people than ever are using open water swimming, the wetsuit industry can not follow the needs on the market but still some ideas around how build up traning routine are very rare.

Triathlon healthy weight loss easy tips

29 November 2020

What if you train hard an long and still do not lose weight and even you get extra during the training period? Try out these five triathlon healthy weight loss easy tips.

Successful performance of Adriatic Coaching triathlon team at ZadraHalf triatlon by Falkensteiner Punta Skala

15 October 2020

ZadarHalf race achived a top organization and never stronger names in the world of triathlon and Ironman in men’s competition. The best domestic competitors, led by the current national LD champion Andrej Vistica and national record holder in Ironman Dejan Patrcevic, and the international Ironman champions like David Plese gathered in Zadar. How strong the competition was is shown by the fact that last year’s winner of the race, the Austrian Michael Weiss (TOP10 Ironman Hawaii) finished third and the Croatian representative was not on the podium.

According to the head coach and organizer of the Official ZadarHalf Triathlon Camp Dejan Patrčević, the race was world-class and the efforts of the organizers to organize a complex event in difficult times, which consisted of two races in long distance triathlon, should be recognized.

Congratulations to all triathletes who finished the race and especially to the best placed from the Adriatic Coaching team – Jadran Domancic who won 6th place overall and successfully finished his first season as a professional triathlete!



24 August 2020


All Adriatic Coaching training camps are designed for beginners and experienced triathletes who want to learn more about triathlon training and the Adriatic Coaching method. Dejan Patrčević will be spearheading all of the triathlon coaching sessions to the age-group athletes. Dejan is the founder and the head coach of Adriatic Coaching, IRONMAN PRO, holder of many national and international triathlon championship titles, including the Croatian national record in IRONMAN (8:12).


Organized individual coaching sessions for swimming, cycling and running that will include video analysis (open water swim, bike and run), making suggestions and devising strategies on how to improve on techniques (swim stroke correction, bike positioning and run posture), stretching and strength training workshops specific to triathlon and your abilities.


Let your summer last longer! Late September and early October are ideal months for training at the Dalmatian coast with perfect weather conditions.  Bike on the amazing Dalmatian roads with an incredible variety of landscapes and breathtaking views and rare traffic. Run along the resort peninsula with beach and sea-views along the way to improve on both speed and distance, frequently by the beach enjoying the sunset. Swim either in the open water or in the semi-Olympic outdoor swimming pool and take advantage of the video analysis to improve your stroke. Enjoy fresh and nutritious food served in the number of resorts’ restaurants or take advantage of the self-catering option. Spend unforgettable evenings with lectures, video analysis and great food.


Adriatic Coaching Camp is the official training camp of the 7th ZadarHalf triathlon by Falkensteiner Punta Skala taking place on Saturday, 10th October 2020. Take advantage of participating in the individual middle distance race (half-ironman distance) and swim 1,9 km, bike 90,1 km and run 21,1 km. You can also participate in the middle distance race in any one or two of the triathlon disciplines and we are happy to suggest other relay team members in case you would like to join as a relay team participant. There is additionally an aquathlon (swim and run) short distance race, as well as 5k run race. Adriatic Coaching Camp participants do not have to participate in the 7th ZadarHalf triathlon by Falkensteiner Punta Skala, but we do encourage you to try.

Let your summer last longer by joining the official ZadarHalf race triathlon camp in a stunning luxury resort on the Adriatic Coast! 


September Camp Dates: Sat 26 Sep – Fri 2 Oct 2020

October Camp Dates: Sat 3 Oct – Fri 9 Oct 2020

Duration: 6 days (optional 3 days)

Location:  Punta Skala, Zadar region, Croatia.

Focus: triathlon training, video analysis, lectures, race day strategy, injury prevention.

Coaches: Dejan Patrčević

AccommodationPunta Skala Falkensteiner resort with special prices for athletes available here

Price: 400 EUR for 7-day camp, 200 EUR for 3-day camp (do not include accommodation and travel costs)

Partners: Aviokarte.hrGacka 16Decathlon

Camp Schedule (provisional)


Call Dejan at +385911904649

Email Dejan at


COVID-19 notice 

All our activities are arranged with the respect of the COVID-19 safety measures, including recommended social distancing, availability of hand sanitizer and whenever necessary provision and/or wearing the mask. We monitor the COVID-19 situation carefully and we understand that all, but especially foreign, camp participants may face travel challenges and/or restrictions. As the situation is unpredictable, we shall provide a full refund on the deposit payment in case the COVID-19 situation prevents the camp participants from arriving at the camp, with no further question asked (the issue relating to the personal health, travel restrictions or other), provided that the cancellation is made three days prior to the beginning of the camp. Punta Skala Falkensteiner resort applies the same policy, so athletes are safe to book the camp and know that the deposit payment can be refunded in full in case of COVID-19 cancellation. Similarly, 7th ZadarHalf triathlon cancellation policy is a full refund in case of a COVID-19 race cancellation, as well as a full refund for cancellations prior to 30th September 2020 (race insurance policy). On that note, we would also like to add that we believe that outdoor activities are the best way to strengthen your immune system and certainly provides an opportunity for both overall wellbeings, including physical, mental and emotional, which we believe is enormously important in these unprecedented challenging times that we are facing as a result of COVID-19.