Adriatic Coaching Stari Grad Triathlon Training Camp 2021

Adriatic Coaching Stari Grad Triathlon Training Camp 2021

Date: 10 April-16 April 2021

Duration: 7 or 3 days
Location:  Hvar island, Stari Grad.
Focus: triathlon training, video analysis, lectures, race day strategy, injury prevention.
Coach: Dejan Patrčević
Accommodation: private apartments in Stari Grad

Price: 600 EUR for 7 days camp/ 300 EUR for two days camp (include accommodation on apartment base)

Call Dejan at +385 91 190 4649.
Email Dejan at

Please take a look at the Adriatic Coaching Hvar Triathlon Training Camp video. This video shows the actual training locations and was filmed on the island of Hvar by
The island of Hvar offers unique open water swimming, cycling and running opportunities in addition to amazingly delicious local food, interesting history and rich Mediterranean culture.
The video explains the unique training approach of Dejan Patrčević, IRONMAN PRO, holder of many national triathlon championship titles, including the Croatian national record in IRONMAN (8:12). Dejan is the founder of Adriatic Coaching and the head coach for the Hvar Triathlon Training Camp. In the video, Dejan explains his training method that embodies diversity, nature and patience. Dejan claims that he owns his success in triathlon racing to the island of Hvar that was the heart of his training just like Kona is the heart of the Ironman.