A Training Day

Here are a few tips for your perfect Training day.

These tips are particularly useful for aerobic (long-term) endurance sports (running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, ironman and the like).

1. To-Intensive beginning of the workout. If it is repeated that you feel good at the beginning of the training, and in the end it is bad – you probably over-intensity at the beginning. With intensive training, you will not only risk fatigue and injury but also reduce the effect of fat deposits, which is, for the most part, a priority of training (even with top athletes).
Do not skip warming (by feeling light) and learn how to rate training intensively.

2. To Extensive training. “Less is more” is not just a saying by architects, but coaches are also using it when they want to emphasize that it is essential with less training to achieve better results.

3. Poor technique
Proper technique (body movement), the proper position of the body (posture) and proper breathing have a positive effect on the economy (less energy on the way). You do not have to aim to win at the Tour de France to learn the right cycling technique – everyone can profit from!

4. Insufficient concentrations
A good coach will know to recognize the relaxed condition of the scattered. Counting the tiles at the bottom of the pool is just an example when the swimmer loses concentration on the swing (technique). In addition to busy training paths (routines) and loud music and group exercise, they can negatively affect concentration and relaxation. The absence of attention can cause injuries in the middle of the hub bending or falling bikes, while a small rest (eg between work and training) and a light meal before training will help you stay focused.

Plan your training and avoid any risk!

Do not know how or do not have time to plan yourself a perfect training plan? Engage us on the way to your sporting goal.