5 min stretching for triathletes

The key to success in triathlon lies in long-term sustainable training.  In lack of time, many triathletes (especially age groups) don’t have some particular stretching routine and when they do this, it happens simultaneously and very often excessively. Muscles become tight and shorted and we are “playing at the edge” of keeping or stopping a training program.

Triathletes need some dose of stretching routine.

Stretching can help us  to better understand overall body stress condition and can help us recover faster.

Triathlete stretching program is good to be:

simple and short  (workable without other assistance and tools at home, work, holiday, travel)
-focused on lower body (lower body stress syndrome is common among triathletes)


One circle of stretching exercises that will trigger mostly on you lower body and core (ITB band, the lower back, the gluteus, the hamstrings and calves…)

You can work on it any time, best after the workout.

Vary the number of repetition, the time you stay in each position but be aware that big muscles as Quadriceps and glutes need more tome (more than 30”) to stretch efficiently.

Here is semple of stretching exercises for triathlete that you can do in just 5 min.

1-starting with lower back stretch.

2-flow to cobra (on the way stretch your back),

3-push back to bridge and stretch your leg muscles- particularly hamstrings, glutes and calves,

4-right leg step front and move the pelvis forward- stretch the hip flexors,

5-band the leg, raise your hand and stretch psoas muscles and quadriceps,

6-go to “stand up position“ and try to catch high and repeat everything on the opposite leg.

You can use pilates band if you whant to work more on you shulders and leg stretching.