3 tips for Indoor Running for Beginners

Garage or Outdoor- your body doesn’t feel the different, but you should. Make sure you watch on these three things.

1. Run shorter distances but more often.

Start like a task or commitment. 20 minutes 2-3 times per week run and progressive it up to 10 minutes every 10 days. Once you reach 2-3 times 60 minutes you should set up new goals.

2. Focus on body posture and running cadence.

Proper running form begins with good posture. The center of the hips, trunk and head should all be in alignment—although not necessarily completely vertical.

Most beginning runners tend to run with a cadence of 80 strides—or 160 steps—per minute or less. Faster, more-accomplished runners tend to have cadences of around 90 to 95. Good running form and optimal cadence can allow runners to run longer and faster with less effort.

3. Make it feel easy.

In general terms, when somebody’s starting out the season, you start them with obviously very little if any intensity. Build their aerobic base, which means having them runningat effort levels that are not really strenuous.