Method inspired by the Adriatic Sea

Unique method

The Adriatic Sea inspires the Adriatic Coaching training method.

To us at Adriatic Coaching, the Adriatic Sea represents:

– Diversity

– Nature

– Patience

We try to include these elements in our knowledge, coaching, and everything we do.


Adriatic sea is positioned between geographical, climate and cultural extremes. It is positioned between great mountain chains and conflicting cultures, facilitating trade and growth for millennia.

Individuals goals never depend on a single factor, but a complex and chaotic combination of many factors.

A person has to deal with many challenges and has a desire to achieve many goals, amongst which fitness and sports achievements are only some of those goals

We see this complexity as a positive thing; all our knowledge and services are designed to support it.

Diversity consists of embracing life in its complexity and successfully managing to achieve:

– Family goals

– Career goals

– Personal goals


The Adriatic Sea shapes the lives of the people living near it. The winds it creates, the food it provides, and the travel it enables cannot be ignored.

In the same way, when reaching for fitness and sports goals we must accept the power of nature, both in our bodies and our environment. If we take nature as a given, we can reach our goals more effortlessly, but if we fight nature, we will spend too much energy.

We think it is essential to understand nature and how it works in every aspect and base our goals and training on it.

Nature consists of:

– Climate and geography in which you train and race

– Food which you eat

– Your body


The sea can change the shape of a rock in time.

When training for fitness and sports goals, coaches, mentors and athletes must accept that every goal is reachable in time.

We transfer these concepts in developing our knowledge and sharing our expertise through coaching and mentoring services for individuals and teams. They are the base of all our training.

Patience consists of:

– What is the life goal

– What is the 5-year goal

– What is the 1-year goal

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