Individual coaching

Our flexibility is the basis of your success.

All of our training plans are fully tailor-made, written only for you to suit your lifestyle, your environment and your goals.
We excel in preparing you for all the challenges in swimming, running, cycling, triathlon and Ironman that you may not even consider possible.
If you change your mind during the process, we are fully flexible to incorporate your modified goals.

Our individual core coaching programs are:

Adriatic 1

Would you like to boost your energy levels, feel better, improve your fitness, lose weight, get in shape and increase your overall satisfaction by engaging in the recreational sports programs?

EUR 100 per month or EUR 1000 per year

Adriatic 2

Would you like to tackle the challenge of finishing the half-marathon, marathon, half-Ironman or full Ironman distance race?

160 EUR per month or 1,600 EUR per year

Adriatic 3

Would you like to surprise yourself?

200 EUR per month or EUR 2,000 per year

Adriatic 4

Would you like to win the medal, climb on the podium or qualify for an important championship such as World Championship in Ironman racing?

EUR 300 per month or EUR 3,000 per year


In addition to our four core individual coaching packages, we also offer other programs including Swim Plus, Run Plus, and Bike Plus. Those programs are specifically designed to boost your performance and consist of the video analysis of swim, bike and run. Further to the video analysis, Adriatic Coaching provides you with suggestions and devises strategies on how to improve on techniques allowing you to achieve more efficient swim stroke, bike positioning and run posture.

Swim Plus, Bike Plus, Run Plus

50 EUR per one session ( one swim, one run or one cycling)

Prices do not include VAT

If you want to know more about our individual coaching services, please contact Dejan at or on mobile +385 91 190 4649.