Coaching for companies

Employee satisfaction is vital for sustainable creation of new resources (creating new businesses, generating new capacities, establishing new ventures or conquering new markets), while making profits and accumulating wealth.  Companies who have introduced sports and recreational programs enhance their profitability thanks to greater worker productivity (higher job satisfaction, healthier employees, higher energy levels, improved team work) and lower costs (fewer sick days, lower absenteeism).

Adriatic Coaching works with companies to create sports and recreational programs designed to improve teamwork stimulate motivation, and increase job satisfaction. The overall objective is to create the excellent task force, as the quality of human capital now increasingly becomes the cutting edge of competitiveness. Adriatic Coaching has also developed methodology to measure some of tangible benefits of corporate sports and recreational programs that can be measured and monitored. There are also other positive effects, including spill-over benefits to the entire community.

Since no two companies are the same, our approach also takes into account the diversity amongst companies and we always propose a tailor-made programs taking into account corporate culture, brand positioning and employees preferences.

Thanks to our experience in working with companies and teams, we have developed also the special program “Chief Fitness Officer” (CFitO) designed to wed corporate business strategy with work-style and life-style choices in a way that simultaneously addresses several corporate issues including employee effort, engagement and interaction.

A CFitO’s main responsibility is to create work culture for employees not only to show up and perform, but also to thrive. By creating a healthy work culture, employees are happier with their work environment and feel motivated to learn, work and progress in their professional lives.  Our experiences are that the main benefits of internalizing the role in the company, we managed to encourage greater employees engagement and collaboration and to achieve greater insight how we can deliver our services to better suit corporate objectives. Especially popular are lunch-time discussions with healthy food and drinks served and/or made on the occasion engaging most employees, regardless whether or not they participate actively in the sports and recreational programs.

By engaging a CFitO, employees have a leader to turn to that is specifically there to address individual and corporate objectives. Key benefits of CFitO program are win-win scenario for both employees and management.

Our corporate services include:

– Team training for employees

– Individual approach to employees in the programs designed to reach specific coprorate and personal goals

– Team training for clients

– Motivational lectures

– Co-operation on sports products and services

– Support to the organizers of sports events and corporate teams participating in sports events 

– Chief Fitness Officer (CFitO) program

For more information on our corporate services, please contact Dejan Patrčević at or on mobile +385 91 190 4649.


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